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We aren't perfect. We make mistakes. But we learn from them and grow from them. We understand the critical role of constructive feedback. We appreciate your industry insights and you'll benefit from our cutting-edge expertise. Most importantly, we invest fully into your success. We'll be here to celebrate your every win with you.           

Our Goal

Our first goal is to listen. We want to listen to your organization's vision, mission, and goals. Once we have that understanding, we can use our experience to build a digital strategy with you. We can support your marketing director or we can act as your entire marketing department. 

Jessi Wymore

​​Jessi is a social media stud at Marketing Concepts Squared! She manages several social media accounts across a variety of platforms, snaps stunning shots to share, and curates an amazing brand image for each of her clients. She is a proud graduate of New Mexico State University with her bachelor’s in Agriculture Business & Economics. Jessi loves helping small businesses in the community she grew up in, meeting new people, and using her creativity every day at work. When she isn’t coming up with fun content for her clients, Jessi can be found hanging out on her family ranch right here in Southwest Colorado. She has a deep passion for all things sports and is fiercely loyal to her friends and family. ​​

To contact Jessi for your social media marketing needs and set up a free consultation, you can email her at jessiw@marketingconcepts2.com

Rebekah Click

​​Rebekah is a social media stud at Marketing Concepts Squared. She helps her roster of clients get the most benefit out of social media. She creates eye-catching graphics and email newsletters, curates effective marketing strategies, and helps with web design for her clients. She is very proud to have been on the social media team for the very first TEDxDurango event. Rebekah loves helping small businesses in our community flourish with digital marketing. When she’s not reading up on the latest change to the algorithms, Rebekah loves to be a homebody with her husband and their three cats. She also loves to bake, binge on Netflix, and drink lots of coffee. 

​To contact Rebekah for your social media marketing needs and set up a free consultation, you can email her at rebekah@marketingconcepts2.com

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Our Mission

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Our Core Team

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In an ever-evolving virtual world. it is practically impossible for busy small business owners to keep up. We can handle your social media presence, sending email newsletters, website design, and managing online reviews. Once that's all off your plate, you can focus on what really matters to you!

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Business Solutions

Running a business is a marathon, not a sprint. With Marketing Concepts Squared, we want to create a social community around your brand. And this doesn't happen overnight. We will put in the work to create consistent, quality content that appeals to your audience and cultivates meaningful conversations around you and your business.

Our Vision

Jessika Buell

​​Jessika is our lovely leading lady at Marketing Concepts Squared! She founded MC² in 2015 with the vision of helping small business owners in Durango and beyond. She has spent hours formulating plans and packages that fit into marketing budgets for businesses of all sizes. Jessika has enriched the Durango community in many ways – she co-founded Professional Women’s Network of Durango and was named the 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Durango Chamber of Commerce. Her favorite part of doing what she does is being a part of the local community and helping Durango area businesses succeed. When she isn’t working with us at MC² or getting everything done with her other business, Lucky Services, she can be found training and teaching at The Vault, a gym she co-owns in Durango, hanging out with her two sons, or coaching their hockey team! 

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What happens if we put our time, expertise and energy into making you successful? Amazing things happen, that's what! Contact us today and see how we can work together to meet & exceed your goals!