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Jessika Buell, Owner/Fearless Leader

Jessika started MC2 with the goal of wanting to create a company that does great work and is a great place to work. With that in mind, Jessika believes in creating a unique & rewarding work experience for people. Her main focus & passion is helping businesses succeed and she has spent hours formulating plans and packages that fit into marketing budgets for businesses of all sizes. She is hard-working, has a positive attitude, a willingness to learn, and understands the importance of trust. As such, she will oversee your needs from initial consultation to final delivery, guaranteeing that you have a person you trust starting and completing your project.


3537 Main Ave.
Durango, Colorado 81301

What is MC2 and what does it have to do with marketing? Marketing Concepts Squared Social Media Management

Jessica Kane, Business Guru/Client Liason

A love for Durango, a love for business, and the most energetic personality in town is what Jessi brings to our team at MC²! Jessi takes the reins when is comes to client outreach and business development at MC². She loves getting to know all the businesses in and around Durango and is a Rockstar when it comes to showing businesses what MC² is about and if we could be a good fit to help with your social media management.

We get our kicks by providing your business creative & inspirational ideas to continue growing and improving...our MC² team is ready to get the job done for you and your company! We do everything from setting marketing plans/goals, creating an effective business plan, designing beautiful newsletters, to taking over your social media outreach for you! We have the creative ideas and tools to help you get your wheels turning and your business goals set!

Our CORE Team

                                                                                 Marissa Hunt, Business Guru

What's a hashtag? Wait... isn't that a pound/number sign? What social media platform should I use? Why is knowing what's trending important? How would I even go about creating a "community" in the social media world??! Don't worry, we have someone with the knowledge, know-how, drive, and excitement to make your social media efforts easy and effective and that's Marissa! Marissa is passionate about daily research on trends, keeping up on her social media education (which is constantly changing), and creating a community around your company on your social media platforms (we don't just sell your company/product/brand here- we make sure you are a member of the community that surrounds your business!).  

Jessika has lived and worked in Durango for over 18 years. Starting her professional career as an English and Math teacher in the Durango Schools; she then transitioned into a marketing, business development, and project executive role for one of the largest construction firms in the country. She understands the complexities and strategies of working for a multi-million dollar company with the background and knowledge of being a part of the local community of Durango. Her local Durango background with her corporate experience will guarantee you have the person on board who can assist you with your goals. No project is too big or too small! She believes that professionalism, integrity, and ethical business practices matter. Frankly, at MC2, that’s the only way we do business.

Marketing & Business Efforts

We do everything from designing beautiful newsletters, responding to your reviews across the web, getting you more reviews to ensure you stand out among the crowd, SETTING MARKETING PLANS/GOALS...anything that helps your business be successful is our focus for you!


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E=mc^2 is a version of Albert Einstein's famous relativity equation.

Specifically, it means that energy is equal to mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. While seemingly simple, this equation has many profound implications, chief among them being that matter and energy are actually the same stuff.

This speaks to our team at Marketing Concepts Squared! What happens if we put our time, whole being and energy into making you successful?!?! Amazing things happen, that's what! Call us today and see how we can work together to meet & exceed your goals! Marketing focused on your business and your success. Marketing Concepts Squared social media management, website design, email marketing, and marketing that works.. Marketing concepts squared website design, social media marketing strategy, best website designs, website Design Company, newsletter, email marketing, marketing for you.

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Social Media Studs, Web Design Wizards, and Marketing Gurus... call us what you like, but this is what we do: Our MC² team is here to give you a leg-up on your Marketing efforts!