Handling reviews is a critical task, but it can be hard to remember to check review sites. We regularly monitor all applicable channels for our clients. We reply enthusiastically to positive reviews and partner with our clients to respond to the negative ratings. Since many customers check these review sites before making a purchasing decision, it is vital to ensure your reviews are handled in an appropriate and timely manner. Review management works well in tandem with social media management and other digital marketing efforts!

Did you know that the average American adult spends over two hours a day on social media? If you don't have a presence on these channels, who are you missing? We craft effective social media marketing strategies that align with our clients' visions and goals. We create high-quality content that visually complements the organization's branding and voice. By engaging with other industry-specific or local pages, our original content sees an uptick in positive algorithm response. We reply to followers' comments, invite potential customers to like the page, and share applicable content from other pages, thus creating a buzzing community on our client's page. When we combine all of these components, we support long-lasting relationships with these customers.

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Email marketing is a great addition to a social media marketing package because it is guaranteed to show up in front of your subscribers! We work closely with our clients to create a visually appealing template for their newsletter, input subscriber lists, and craft an effective email to keep subscribers informed of any updates from the organization. We can create newsletters as often as our client likes - weekly, monthly, quarterly. 

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Your organization needs a professional website that is easy to navigate and updated regularly with any changes. We build and maintain websites, using an organization's voice, aesthetic, and branding, creating a consistent presence across all digital channels. From a restaurant having a complete menu online to a contractor featuring impressive projects, we make sure your potential clients find you online - and like what they see! A professional website strengthens your other digital marketing efforts.

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We are here to help small businesses, non-profits, and other brands navigate the ever-changing world of social media. We offer free consultations to any potential client who wants to learn more about our agency and how we operate. Email us at contact@marketingconcepts2.com or give us a call at (970) 247 - 1851 to set up your consultation.